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Tuesday, April 11, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

  • Room: 16
Based on AutoLoop's recently completed Automotive Digital Engagement (ADE) study, this session will deliver new insights on how customers engage with dealers, including the level of pre-visit digital engagement, the value of different types of digital engagement, and key differences in how millennials vs. older generations engage with dealerships online... more...
Doug Van Sach
VP of Analytics & Data Services

Doug is responsible for using customer insights and data science to improve AutoLoop’s products for over 3,000 dealers. Doug has over 15 years of experience designing and managing digital acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs for OEMs, dealer groups, aftermarket, and non-automotive retailers. Before working in automotive, Doug was at Dick’s...


  • Room: 13
In this session, I will uncover a mystery involving digital experiments, terrifying supernatural forces that drives non-performing traffic, and one strange little girl. OK, maybe not that last part, but I will share the top three mistakes being made by dealers who are being fooled by some of the latest... more...
Kevin Frye
eCommerce Director
Jeff Wyler Automotive Family

Named as one of the top 5 influencers changing the auto industry today by Automotive News, Kevin Frye has been a leader with auto subscription, Google Analytics, augmented and virtual reality. Kevin was a Naval Aviator for 8 years, flying over 200 combat hours in Desert Storm. He has...


  • Room: 15
Learn about the "Billion Dollar" data market fueling your competitors’ sales and vendors stats, at your expense. The non-human traffic "engaging" with your website and ads tricking an easily game-able Google Analytics. And, learn how to limit Google Adwords waste while deciphering case studies and "fake news" permeating the industry... more...
Jeffrey Tognetti
Product Development Lead

Jeff founded MediaRevo in 2003 after having sold his pioneering high-frequency trading platform built mid-1990’s. He saw parallels between “Wall Street Trading” & “Modern Day” Digital Advertising which led to Mediarevo. In 2013, DealerX was spun off to exclusively operate in automotive. In a few short years, DealerX has grown...

  • Room: 24
Keyes Automotive sales veteran, Larry West, analyzes leads and conversion rates vs. consumer buying behavior presenting techniques and methods to sell more cars with less spend....
Larry West
Honda Keyes

As the General Manager of Keyes Honda it is my responsibility to build a team that delivers the Keyes values to every client, every day. To accomplish this, we foster a culture that focuses on enhancing the client experience by valuing your time as much as you value your money....


Tuesday, April 11, 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

  • Room: 18
Dealers continue to increase their digital budgets but the current metrics displayed on their marketing reports do not allow them to inspect the QUALITY of their website traffic. Brian will introduce new marketing metrics that will help all dealership managers to KNOW what campaigns are working and which campaigns need to be eliminated.... more...
Brian Pasch
PCG Companies

Brian Pasch is the founder of PCG Companies and he is celebrating his 11th year in the automotive marketing industry. Brian is the author of four books; his latest is entitled "Swimming with Digital Sharks." This book is written for automotive managers who want to lead their dealership in a...

Tom Moore
Sr. Vice President
Morgan Auto Group

Tom Moore is the Senior Vice President for the Morgan Auto Group, which has over 20 stores located throughout the Southeast. Tom oversees the digital strategies and business operations for stores in the greater Tampa market. He is an avid student of digital marketing and will be sharing his insights...

Tuesday, April 11, 2:30 PM - 3:20 PM

  • Room: 16
One of the oldest adages in marketing is that half of an ad budget is wasted, but we just don't know which half. This no longer needs to be a frustration in today's digital age. Just as customers come in armed to buy with more information than ever, dealers can... more...
Dave Spannhake
Founder and CEO
Reunion Marketing

Dave Spannhake is the Founder and CEO of Reunion Marketing. His love for learning and constant push to get better each day has been an important catalyst in the rapid growth of Reunion since its incorporation in 2015, leading a team of 40 Marketing Rockstars partner with nearly 200 stores...


Wednesday, April 12, 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

  • Room: 23
With new car sales plateauing and lease returns at an all-time high, dealers are embracing technology more than they ever have before. With an increase in technology use, dealership operational data is also more readily available. In this session, Reuben will reveal some of the top data trends in the... more...
Reuben Muinos
Sr. Director of Business Development

Reuben Muinos, Sr. Director of Business Development for DealerSocket, is the leading expert in CRMs. He started his career with the Galpin Motors organization, where he worked a combined 17 years. A featured contributor to many top-tier industry magazines, conferences and seminars, Muinos has traveled the country providing advice to...


  • Room: 22
Equity mining has been in the automotive industry for many years but very few dealerships are maximizing its true potential. This session will focus on a detailed playbook to success at your dealership to effectively drive sales through your service drive, and customer database. I will cover proven success strategies... more...
Jeff Bounds
National Account Director
Dominion Dealer Solutions

Jeff has over 23 years of experience in the automotive industry, including 15 years in dealership retail. He has extensive knowledge in data mining and the automotive sales process. He developed a BDC and data mining process for the Penske Automotive Group that increased sales volume 200 units in the...


Wednesday, April 12, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

  • Room: 16
In this session, you’ll learn how companies like Amazon are using the vast amounts of data stored in their systems to take on the automotive market. From the recent announcement that Amazon is jumping into the vehicle space to Google’s self-driving cars to Apple and Tesla, data will be the... more...
Ken Kolodziej
String Automotive

Ken Kolodziej, CEO of String Automotive Solutions, has over a decade of experience in automotive software. Known throughout the industry as a visionary thinker and self-proclaimed “data geek,” he has led String DPS to its position as the industry’s top marketing intelligence platform....

Wednesday, April 12, 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM

  • Room: 24
Attribution. It’s currently the hottest “buzzword” in the automotive marketing space. But do you know what it is and how you can use it to improve the results of your marketing? Attribution simply means “assigning credit.” Using attribution models helps dealerships better understand the results of their advertising spend. However, not... more...
Steve White
CEO & Founder

Steve White started his automotive marketing career in 2004.In 2009, Steve founded Clarivoy, a marketing technology pioneer who was recognized as the “Most Innovative Solution of the Year” in automotive for their Multi-Touch Sales Attribution solution designed for dealers.A frequently requested speaker in the automotive industry, Steve resides in Granville,...


Wednesday, April 12, 2:30 PM - 3:20 PM

  • Room: 23
Make a good bet with your marketing budget by understanding where you should be spending with profit in mind. Understand how to look at your ad cost per vehicle as a baseline for how your marketing is working for you to create return on investment. Work towards increasing profit through... more...
Ryan Zwerneman
Field Marketing Consultant
Naked Lime Marketing

Ryan is a Field Marketing Consultant for Naked Lime in Kansas City. Before venturing out to the field, Ryan worked as an email and direct mail specialist and managed teams that provide a range of marketing services for dealerships. His passion is helping franchise dealers grow their market share and...


Thursday, April 13, 9:30 AM - 10:20 AM

  • Room: 16
Car sales can be predicted today with an unprecedented accuracy using big data! Car buyers are “kicking the tires” online and every action they take can be recorded and data-mined. However, Google Analytics, by default, reports on only 2-5% of customer engagement on dealership VDPs. Car buyers are doing much... more...
Noah John

Noah is the Co-founder of Autoscores, a predictive analytics company that helps car managers predict their inventory car sales. Before Autoscores, Noah was a software engineer at EA Sports. He has BAs in computer science and mathematics from Rollins College and a MS in computer science from Colorado State University....

Thursday, April 13, 10:30 AM - 11:20 AM

  • Room: 15
In this session, you will get an overview of the auto industry starting with sales metrics and ranging to vehicles in operation, customer loyalty, and lending. From there, you will learn how analytics and statistical modeling can be used in conjunction with those industry findings to drive customer loyalty higher... more...
Erik Hjermstad
Data Research and Analytics Manager
Experian Automotive

Erik Hjermstad is responsible for the development of customized market research, analytic solutions, and data-driven insights. Hjermstad’s team integrates multiple data sources from credit, vehicle and marketing databases to understand developments in the automotive industry. With more than 10 years of experience at Experian, Hjermstad is a recognized market research...


  • Room: 20
In this session, I will showcase real cases in which we extracted our own data and used it across multi marketing channels. We will show how you can use this right in your own store to focus on your own goals. I will show how you can make an instant marketing... more...
Matt Raymond
Marketing Director
Haltermans Toyota

As Sales Consultant, BDC Manager, Desk Manager and now the Marketing Director for Haltermans Toyota, Matt has found that leveraging data helps him 1) make informed decisions, 2) plan relevant strategies and 3) help increase awareness while decreasing expenses. Matt's 8 years in dealerships and training in Law Enforcement make...


Thursday, April 13, 11:30 AM - 12:20 PM

  • Room: 10
At this point, almost every company offers some type of dashboard or widget they claim makes reporting “easy.” But does a pie chart sliced 32 different ways really show you anything about your business? Join this session to learn why it helps to “see” data, and what types of data... more...
Tej Soni
izmo/ frogdata

Tej is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a passion for start-ups. With years of diverse international business experience, he has created innovative business models for automotive and other industries. As the founder of izmocars, one of the pioneers in online solutions for automotive retail, he has guided the company’s...


  • Room: 15
The Internet is a big place. Audience segmentation with Google Analytics and Google Optimize helps digital marketers speak to different consumers in different ways, increasing efficiency and efficacy. This advanced session is based on LunaMetrics's case study with Teach for America on the Google Analytics blog. Join this session to... more...
Andrew Garberson
Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy

Andrew Garberson is Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics consultancy and search marketing firm in Pittsburgh, Pa. He has led digital marketing efforts in a variety of settings, including agency, entrepreneurial and nonprofit environments, and has master's degrees in business administration and mass communications. Andrew is...


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