Warning! Your Customers Know More Than Your Salespeople -- Learn How to Level the Playing Field and Turn Your Team into Product Experts to Increase Trust with Customers— and Profits for You.

  • Room: Loire
Monday, September 18, 2017: 1:30 PM - 2:20 PM


Patrick McMullen
SVP, Strategy & Innovation


The average consumer conducts 14 hours of online research before they end up purchasing a used car (2016 Auto Trader Study). Is it possible they’re more informed than your salesperson who has 100 cars on the lot? You bet. Especially since salespeople turnover rate for the automotive industry is a whopping 67 percent (2016 NADA Dealership Workforce Study). Making it even trickier, 46 percent of customers have low trust in car salespeople (2016 Gallup Poll). So, the second your team says something that doesn’t jive with what the customer “knows,” trust is out the window. In this session, attendees will discover how to level the playing field, focusing on three key areas: how to turn sales staff into product experts, how to implement a new selling strategy that focuses on quality and value, and how to build trust with consumers, so they’ll choose you over others.

Primary Learning Objectives:
* Learn how to turn your salespeople into product experts. 
* Learn how to leverage product intel to help customers see the value and quality behind the price, reducing the need for price drops.
* Learn how to build confidence and trust with consumers, leading to a greater likelihood they’ll buy from you.


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