Remaining Relevant in the Age of FinTech Disruption -- Understand the Impact of Emerging Technologies in Today’s Digital Retail Environment, and How Dealers Can Better Position Themselves in the Changing Marketplace

    Thursday, April 12, 2018: 10:05 AM - 10:55 AM


    Amanda George
    Vice President of Strategy


    “FinTech” and “Disruptors” are huge buzzwords in our industry right now. This session will explore just what FinTech is, and what these disruptors are offering to consumers to essentially change the world of auto financing. In these changing times, many dealers may be left wondering where they fit in. The good news is that many of the tools and processes the dealer has always relied on remain important and relevant even in this space. During this presentation, Amanda George will describe many of the trends in the marketplace and how dealers may be impacted, while focusing on what they can do to not lose ground.

    Primary Learning Objectives:
    Understand how long-standing dealer processes are still relevant.
    * Learn how you can better position yourself in this changing marketplace.
    * Learn how the definition of “direct” may be changing.


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