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StrategicSource, a spend management consulting company offering Auto Dealerships customizable services and tools to improve profitability while reducing risks associated with supplier management and compliance.

We offer 2 unique programs:

1.   Profit Improvement Program (PIP) - A comprehensive, customizable program offering guaranteed profit improvement.

2.   ExpenseEDGE - A subscription-based service offering an easy-to-use portal to access over 75 National Certified Partner and Supplier programs.

ExecutiveTools - An innovative spend management analytics and reporting platform that supports our programs in providing Dealerships with real-time information to make decisions quickly.

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  • ExpenseEDGE is offering a Digital Dealer 27 Promotion -- A free Assessment Package for 5 spend categories (a $1,500 offer) to get you started increasing profits quickly!

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  • StrategicSource is excited to announce the launching of ExpenseEDGE at DigitalDealer27.   We have put our best energy into designing an innovative program and tool for auto dealerships.  ExpenseEDGE – a subscription-based service is designed to strengthen a dealer's supplier ecosystem, improve their profitability, increase compliance and keep dealers educated on new ways to expand their business.

    Our team has used 15+ years of experience and data to partner with the best in class suppliers and consulting partners to deliver an easy to use platform to improve profitability of auto dealers.  This innovative, spend management platform for a low, transparent subscription price will provide 11 distinct Spend Management Programs addressing key operational initiatives.   The Program will deliver ...

    1. 50+ Supplier categories programs to reduce your indirect costs.
    2. 25+ Consulting Partner categories to provide new ideas to improve your dealership’s profits, processes and strategic vision.
    3. Spend Management Resources and Tools to improve compliance and reduce resources requirements.
    4. An Educational Program to keep you abreast of new market trends.

    ExpenseEDGE Cost Effective Subscription Fees

    Get a year’s subscription to ExpenseEDGE for a low annual fee and start saving significant money to your bottom line!

          Program Access        Per Account          $3,995

          Location Fee             Per Location            $995

          *   Program Access Fee includes 1 location.   Location Fee is for each physical location.

    Once a dealership subscribes to ExpenseEDGE, a StrategicSource clent representative will reach out to determine requirements to expedite success with the program.


  • ExpenseEDGE
    ExpenseEDGE is a subscription-based service offering an easy-to-use portal to access over 75 National Certified Partner and Supplier programs, up-to-date spend management tools and educational resources to help you meet your profitability objectives.


    StrategicSource put our best energy into designing an innovative program and tool for you.  Today we launch ExpenseEDGE – a subscription-based service designed to strengthen your Supplier ecosystem, improve your profitability, increase compliance and keep you educated on new ways to expand your business.

    A great Spend Management program should advance your business to the next level.   Now is the time to think beyond the status quo and make the decision to move to ExpenseEDGE.


    1.   Utilize National based pricing
    2.   Reduce your suppliers and service costs
    3.   Save employee time quoting, shopping and managing Suppliers
    4.   Employ program's resources to improve spend management processes


    1.   A Low Annual Subscription-based Program
    2.   75+ Partner and Supplier Spend Categories
    3.   An Easy-to-Use Portal Segmented by Auto Dealership Functional Area
    4.   Up to Date Spend Management Tools and Resources
    5.   A Robust Educational Program
    6.   Locked in Pricing

    Partner and Supplier Programs


    A comprehensive program that offers expertise in the areas of:

    1.   Business Transition, Transaction and Valuation Advisory Services
    2.   Performance Assessment and Management
    3.   Executive Search Assistance
    4.   Electric Vehicle Solutions
    5.   Risk and Regulatory Management
    6.   Wealth Planning & Management


    A program that offers expertise in the areas of:

    1.   Marketing Performance Assessment and Optimization
    2.   F & I Audit and Compliance Services
    3.   Scheduled Media Saving and Rebate Program
    4.   Digital Marketing Performance


    1.   Payment Program
    2.   Taxes and Insurance Program
    3.   Document Management Program
    4.   Expenses Recovery Program
    5.   Human Resources Program


    1.  Shop Essential Program
    2.  Facilities Services Program
    3.  Shop Supplies Program
    4.  Shop Equipment and Tool Program


    1.   Office Essentials Program
    2.   Technology Essentials Program


    To help you improve your spend management operations and processes.

    1.   Spend Management Letters
    2.   Educational Articles Series
    3.   Whitepapers
    4.   Purchasing Policies


    Improve your profitability today with the ExpenseEDGE Certified Supplier Program, the premier standard in spend management delivery.

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